Mobile App Development Packages: Dhamma Technologies provides mobile application development services for Android and iOS. These platforms cover more than 90% of mobile devices being used worldwide. When we design and develop apps, we take care of different mobile phone sizes, variants, screen resolutions. Typically, all apps should be working perfectly on iPad for iOS and tablets for Android apps. Mobile is no longer the future. Mobile is here, the future is going on right now, and mobile devices are a part of the everyday lives of billions of people. Smartphone users and tablet users use their devices to shop, make appointments, communicate, and manage complex lives. Working, playing, and living move faster now than ever before and your business needs to keep up with and meet those needs. All types and sizes of business can call upon the mobile app developers India having expertise and experience in the best mobile app development India has to offer.

Apps are a part of daily life, and provide access to your business. Customers demand more than a website and a social media button, they want to be able to conduct transactions, make appointments, preview new products or services, and do it all with a swipe and tap. Don’t leave your app development up to just anyone; work with a mobile app development company in India with the experience, expertise, and creativity to make your app memorable, intuitive, fast, and functional.

Premium Add-on Price
Push Notification Integration 1500 ₹
Phone Call Integration 1500 ₹
Map integration 1500 ₹
Facebook Messenger Integration 1900 ₹
WhatsApp Integration 1900 ₹
Skype Call Integration (Call & Video) 3500 ₹
Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) 3500 ₹
To Remove Our Splash Screen 6500 ₹
YouTube Chanel Application Charge 13500 ₹
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