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Keeping your business abreast of the latest technological developments is important for business in order to boost their market share and their profitability. The increasing shift to mobiles and tablets in place of the traditional desktops seems to have changed the manner customers access information on internet. Responsive web design is just what businesses need to gain access to, target and cater to these mobile and tab users. However, this is not at all as statistics also seem to suggest that customers are also increasingly using their mobile to make online purchases.

DhammaTech is providing professional responsive web design services to its customers that can help them boost their sales and increase their market share.

Why Prefer Responsive Web Design Services?

Responsive Website at Dhamma Technologies Nagpur

Let’s take a look into some of the reasons that make the responsive web design inevitable for today’s businesses.

Are you under the impression that adopting this design would further increase your cost then we indeed have news for you! Do you know that opting for this design would allow you to reduce your overall cost and the amount of effort you invest? Surprised! Let us explain, do you know prior to the responsive web design businesses had no choice but to invest in individual templates for each device? This process not merely required significant investment amount but also required significant efforts to develop and maintain these templates. However, with the advent of the responsive web design businesses are no longer required to invest amount and efforts on these individual platforms. Therefore, if your business is also looking to reduce your overall costs while boosting your efficiency then this design can certainly help you achieve your objectives.

In the present age where time is money businesses look to save time on processes to boost overall efficiency and embrace ongoing improvement. This web design is just what businesses can invest in to bring about improvements and save time. You no longer have to waste your time building several templates, getting all of these approved individually, correspond with their team and undertake all these efforts each time a new device is launched in the market. A responsive web design can help not merely reduce your money investment but it also helps you reduce your efforts associated with the process. Therefore, if you are also in favor of saving your time and dedicate it to more useful pursuits then this web design is indeed the one for you.

Competitive advantage is a distinct advantage associated with responsive web design and is one of the main reasons businesses are opting for it. In the event your competitor has opted for the design however, you are still considering it there are high chances that you have already lost a large number of your customers to your competitors. Therefore, do not delay the decision to opt for the design further. Moreover, this design also helps enhance the user experience with your website besides boosting your conversion rate and improving your business relations with your customers.

Do you know that opting for this design means that you have secured the amount you have invested in the responsive platform? Yes! It is true as this design frees you from having to invest your amount in different platforms while it works to keep your website active and running at its optimal.

Do You Know That an Enhanced user Benefit, an Additional Outcome of Responsive Web Design, Can Help You Gain Access to a Large Number of Users and Boost Your Impression on Your customer Minds? Moreover, The Design Can Also Help You Improve Your Conversion Rate and Connect With Your Customers.

However, we deem it our duty to use this platform to inform everyone of the nature of businesses that are most likely to derive the utmost benefits out of this platform along with businesses that are unlikely to derive the due benefits out of it. We would like to make clear that not all businesses can derive equal benefits out of this web design and therefore, certain businesses are more likely to use this web design to the optimum. Below we will elaborate and help you identify whether or not your business is likely to take utmost advantage out of this web design.

Content and Publication Websites

If you are running a publication/content website like a newspaper, magazine or other informational content then the responsive web design is for you. Since consumers are accessing your website to access information and news and neither to interact nor seek elaborate answer to their questions. The nature of this website i.e. providing news and information renders it a likely candidate for customers on their smart phones and thus this web design.

Sites Designed For Large User Interaction

However, the sites that are meant for large user interaction are not likely to benefit much from the responsive web design. Another feature of these websites may be that these target a specific set of users in contrast to catering to a large number of users. If you are also thinking of switching to responsive web design for such a site, it may be of little to no help.

Animation and Large Files with Complex Functionality

If your website has animations and complex functionality for instance it uses Web Development technologies like Java script, Ajax and CSS your pages are likely to be heavy and therefore, not likely to be loaded easily on smart phones. Therefore, businesses using such technologies are not going to benefit from this technology as this technology renders the loading time on the smart phones a rather long one.

User Context

A factor which is often ignored is that of the user context in which the responsive website unfortunately cannot contribute much. For the sake of example consider an online booking site like an airline website and while a smart phone user accessing the website through his/her smart phone would typically like to check s few typical things like the status of the flight, flight availability or information related to his/her flight a user accessing the website from a desktop is typically likely to access more and detailed information.

Consider Your Business Nature, Needs and Budget

Well yes! We encourage businesses to look into their own needs and budget before deciding whether or not the responsive design is the optimal choice for them. Though this is one of the most sought after web designs yet there are a plethora of good web designs out there and perhaps your nature of business makes your business website a more likely candidate for the other web designs out there. Since your web design will go a long way in determining the success and failure of your website we suggest that rather for going only the trending web designs your priority should be your business and its needs.

Moreover, as the responsive web design and its services are higher in cost than the traditional web designs businesses also need to look into their budgets before opting for this design.


Yes! There are limitations attached with using this web design as this web design is not a feasible option for websites that rely on flash animations, heavy graphics, complicated background and the non-standard fonts. Websites that make use of the responsive web design make use of designs that are minimal, clean and simple so that it may load quickly and format well on a range of devices including the mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Applications

Mobile phone applications are also an important consideration while opting for this web design.

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